Deepening the Journey: 
An advanced skills retreat for midwives
7 soul-cleansing days of transformation, inspiration & education to nourish you and your midwifery passion.

June 6 - 12 , 2021
At last, you have the space and time to focus on yourself without demands or expectations, to reconnect with your passion for birth, to be nurtured so you can nurture, to deepen your ability to hold space and gain valuable and practical midwifery skills.   
This is your time.
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This retreat is for you if...

You've been a midwife or doula for a while and you want to reignite your passion, or you're newly qualified, ready and inspired to learn 
You recognise the intensity of the work you've chosen, and you need to be around like-minded others for support and inspiration
You can feel yourself burning out and  you need support 
You know that in order to keep giving, you have to give back to you
You're ready to take BirthWork to a deeper level - you know there's more to this calling  
You want real skills that work to use with yourself and the families you work with
The programme is created as an all-inclusive, deeply engaging experience that brings you:
Skills within the physical realm:
Work with the body, the pelvis, and movement to enhance birth physiology, use positions effectively, and to understand and optimise the complex interplay of birth hormones so you can powerfully support women in birth - even when challenges arise. 
Skills within the emotional realm:
Tapping for Birth Program - a powerful tool to empower your clients to transform emotional and physical challenges by working through fears, traumas, hopes and dreams. This also gives you the opportunity to work through your own fears and traumas as a midwife. 
Skills within the spiritual realm:
Develop mindfulness practices that enable your creativity, compassion, and intuition to shine. Deepen your ability to hold space for yourself and others. Discover methods to sustain a sense of purpose, motivation, and connection with your practice.
The power of community
Join with midwives from around the world seeking to share values, stories, common challenges, laughter and get charged up with new ideas and inspiration.
 A deep gift to yourself
You are always giving - it’s time to receive. Be nurtured in a beautiful retreat space. Quiet your mind so you can hear your soul whisper. Slow down and experience the pleasures of this island. As part of your retreat you will be offered a yoga, daily movement and meditations.
To complete your Bali experience, you have the option for an add-on day of a unique Balinese cultural experience with a visit to a sacred ceremonial site for a cleansing water purification ritual that the Balinese believe will clear your karma.
Ready to hear from midwives who have experienced Deepening the Journey? Watch the video to find out...
I couldn't have imagined what an amazing gift this retreat would be for myself. There was a perfect mix of midwifery skill building and the opportunity to work on the inner self. The setting was so beautiful and the food was divine. I loved it!
Meg Clein, Midwife, Australia
Deepening the Journey Retreat has been an amazing opportunity to not only learn amazing midwifery skills, but also an opportunity to connect deeply with myself, and with midwives form around the world. The retreat is a blessing which will enrich my personal life and midwifery career. 
Loralee Worral, Midwife, WA
Sister Birth Keepers, Please consider this retreat both to deepen your midwifery journey and for some wonderful opportunities for self-care. This was life and practice changing. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to invest in myself and the women I work alongside in their birthing journey. 
Thank you Robin, Lianne and Georgina with all my heart
Angela McClelland, Midwife, Qld, Australia
I don't think words can do justice to my experience on the retreat. A sacred gathering of womenfolk sharing their passions, fears, laughs and learn so much, you grow and develop as a woman and a midwife, and come away a different person....Can't wait for next time <3
2016 Deepening the Journey Retreat Participant
I have fallen in love with midwifery all over again
Lama Hassen, Midwife, Australia
Feeling the togetherness, connectivity, and love amongst amongst a group of like-minded midwives has been truly restorative. The spirit and ambience of Bali is enriching and beautiful - as is the teaching of our wonderful leaders: Ibu Lianne, Robin, and Georgina. I will remember this experience always. With deepest midwife love
Chantelle Winstanley, London UK
Tapping For Birth is a technique of allowing people to perceive the threat, and let it go. It is non-analytical, meaning that the story and traumas are not repeated, which prevents further trauma. Painful experiences and their symptoms are acknowledged and released. In a way, it is a simple technique of helping people to dismantle their fortress personalities, and getting layer by layer, back to their authentic selves
Ibu Robin Lim
Being amongst like-minded midwives allowed me to celebrate, explore and reflect on who I am as a woman and a midwife. The space was safe, non-biased and sometimes totally raw, in the best way. Thank you
Pam McCalman, Midwife, Australia
I have never been enveloped in so much acceptance and love. Amazing things happen when a big group of midwives come together! The tools we've practice in self-care are going to completely open me up to a new perception when I get home and I can't wait to inspire some fresh positivity amongst my colleagues. 
Courtney Robson, midwife, Australia
You will have special access to CNN hero of the year Robin Lim - the leader and luminary whose life and work has affected midwifery throughout the world. Her energy will support you through this retreat and she will also offer her profound teachings and techniques, such as lotus birth, delayed cord clamping and cord burning. You will be guided on an exclusive tour of Bumi Sehat, Ibu Robin’s first project, that continues to serve women from all over the world.
Join us for Deepening the Journey

Expand and enhance your experience of being a midwife so you can transform the lives of the women you support, their families, your midwifery peers, and your community at large.                  
Lianne Schwartz
In addition to almost 20 years as a practicing midwife and a Master's degree in health, Lianne is also a mother, educator, and an intuitive healer. Her passion is to empower people to live their full potential. Along with her birth work, Lianne offers one to one healing sessions, leads workshops, and works for Griffith University researching, writing curriculum and teaching in Masters Level Midwifery Programs. 

Lianne uses and teaches an intuitive healing modality called Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to transform barriers in life, allowing the full expression of self to shine through. This is accomplished by releasing fears, past traumas, anxieties, and other energetic and subconscious blocks. From this background and success with using tapping in pregnancy and birth, the Tapping for Birth program was born.

With her rare ability to midwife consciousness, Lianne holds clients and students in a field of immense caring and facilitates them birthing their truest self. 

Lianne lives with her family in Bali, Indonesia. 

“Being with Lianne is like being with the mother we always wished for, a wise healer who’s compassionate heart provides the safety needed for the truth to come through. She has a keen insight and deep caring that allow her to reach people in a way that opens them to the new possibilities birthing in their lives.”    
GeorGina Kelly
GeorGina is a veteran midwife who has been supporting women in embracing the transformative feminine power of pregnancy, birthing and mothering for the past 20 years.

She is the creator of ‘The Art of Mindful Birthing Workshop’ and has been facilitating courses for pregnant women, midwives, and birth workers in Australia since 2005. Combining meditation, mindfulness, storytelling, creative expression, and circle work, these workshops inspire participants to awaken and deepen their inner resourcefulness.

GeorGina works as a homebirth midwife, as well as a lecturer for midwifery students at the university level. She loves supporting midwives and women to practice presence and connection to their embodied wisdom.

Special bonus: Ibu Robin Lim
Robin Lim is known world wide for her life changing midwifery work. Robin is a midwife and is the founder and executive director of Yayasan Bumi Sehat Birth Center in Bali. 
Together with supporting pregnant and postpartum families and receiving babies, Ibu Robin has authored 19 books, available in English, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish. Her articles, stories and poems have been published worldwide. Ibu Robin also teaches midwives, doulas and obstetricians around the world, spreading the message of Healing the Earth through Healing Birth.

 In 2006 Ibu received the Alexander Langer International Peace Award, notably for her efforts directed at granting caring, competent support to birthing mothers and a non-violent birth to their children; in 2011 she received the CNN Hero of the Year award for her work over the last decade, serving her community, including medically disenfranchised citizens of Indonesia; and in 2012 the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) honored her with the Jeannine Parvati BirthKeeper Award. 
What does a day at our retreat look like? 
Wake up to a fresh juice or smoothie (maybe with an organic coffee on the side...) 
Join us for gentle yoga and movement followed by a bountiful breakfast. Fresh fruit, coconut yogurts, muesli, eggs, fresh breads
Engage in morning and afternoon hands-on learning with the advanced skills workshops, mindfulness, and the Tapping for Birth program
Connect with like-minded midwives over delicious organic meals specially designed to support your health and rejuvenation during your retreat
Have the time to relax by the pool, network, connect, and integrate your learning
Bali: the island of the gods. This  jewel in the midst of the Indonesian archipelago, is a Hindu oasis resplendent with the magic and power of tropical grace. 

Spirituality, harmony with nature, and peacefulness - these elements embody the Balinese way of life. Ubud, a mecca for artists and healers, is considered the cultural heart of Bali. Embedded in rice terraces, temples and powerful energy… Ubud's climate and mystique has turned it into the perfect rejuvenation destination. 

Breathe in deeply… let the colours and sounds of Bali nurture you. Here, the subtle but profound vibrational field of devotional spirituality is literally palpable. You will notice how it enhances your personal energetic field in life-affirming and transforming ways.

It’s the ultimate place to slow down, receive nurturance and support to go beneath the surface… reconnect with the essence of being a midwife… to deepen the journey……
Our retreat is all-inclusive...
6 nights shared accomodation at a beautiful luxury resort in Bali
Complete seven day workshop program
All meals and snacks from Sunday afternoon to Saturday lunch... gourmet, organic, healthy food will nourish your body and soul.

Special offer: Willing to share a huge super king size bed  in a large suite room with another midwife or a friend? If yes, you'll both receive an extra $100USD off! Just make note of it in your registration form to receive the discount  Only 2 rooms available so let us know right away. 

$2799 USD

All Inclusive

  • Rejuvenate your passion for birth, reignite the soul of midwifery, and give back to yourself at the same time through this week long workshop and retreat.
Space is limited - secure your spot 
* Currently working? This retreat is fully tax deductible for most midwives - you get it all back (including flights) at the end of the tax year
* This program is certified for continuing professional development in most countries
* Payment plans are available - send us an email to find out more
* A portion of all proceeds goes to support the vital work at  Yayasan Bumi Sehat
* Free bank transfer payment options are available for Australian and Canadian bank accounts
Single room upgrades available on request
* Deposit is fully refundable within 3 days 
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